The Team Bober Auction Advantage

The Team Bober Auction Advantage means selling your property for the highest amount in the shortest period of time. Call or email Chris for a free assessment to determine whether your property qualifies for auction.

Listing your property at auction with Team Bober will give you access to an extensive marketing network.

Your land, home, or assets will be promoted on the Internet and offline to both investors and buyers.

Which Type of Auction is Right for You?

Absolute Auction

This means that the property will definitely sell to the highest bidder at the auction without reserve. This type of auction generates maximum response from the marketplace. The lure of potential low prices creates the likelihood of the best result and highest possible price when the buyers know the property will absolutely sell.

Minimum Bid Auction

Bids are taken only above a predetermined and advertised starting price. The advantage of this auction type is that it gives the Seller a level of security when selling. However, it may limit the excitement for the auction and only attract buyers who are willing to pay the disclosed minimum bid.

Reserve Auction

The auction is conducted in normal manner. The Seller reserves the right to reject the final high bid price. The Seller isn’t obligated to accept a price they deem unacceptable, but many prospective buyers won’t attend without the certainty the property will sell to the highest bidder.

Is a Real Estate Auction Right For You?

Answer These Questions to Find Out

  • Do you need Immediate Cash?
    • The greatest benefit of any auction is how quickly assets can be liquidated. Real Estate auctions are typically market for 30 days prior to the auction and closing within 30 days after the auction.
  • Is your property unique and hard to appraise?
    • Determining a listing price for a unique property is very difficult. With very few comparable sales to establish market value, many of these properties are overpriced and risk getting stale on the open market. True market value can be identified with an auction.
  • Is there enough buyer/market interest to encourage competition?
    • Some types of property are in high demand and will bring several interested buyers. An auction setting is the perfect venue to maximize results and get top dollar.
  • Do you need to liquidate an estate or split assets among heirs?
    • Inheriting real estate is an exciting, but painful process. The auction process allows heirs to liquidate the assets of an estate to be divided in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Are you retiring, dissolving a partnership, or getting a divorce?
    • Equity within real estate is not available until it is liquidated and turned into cash. The auction method ensures the property is sold for the most amount of money in the shortest period of time so you can quickly divide assets.
  • Is your property vacant with high carrying costs?
    • Many properties have absentee ownership that incurs high management, maintenance, and operating fees. An auction allows the seller to liquidate their property so they can reallocate their investment as they please.

Why Sell Your Property at Auction?

Answer These Questions to Find Out

  • It's a Quick Sale
    • Time is money and real estate auction can typically be marketed, sold, and closed within 60 days.
  • High Carrying Costs Are Avoided
    • Long term debt service, real estate taxes, insurance payments, maintenance and sometimes security costs are minimized with an expedited sale.
  • Property Market Value Can Be Demonstrated
    • The auction process accurately demonstrates the true market value of the property to the sellers and potential buyers.
  • Auctions Receive Maximum Marketplace Exposure
    • Our auction marketing saturates the local market while reaching far and wide during the four to six weeks marketing period.
  • Auctions Freeze the Markets
    • Every current buyer in the marketplace will be very motivated to at least investigate the property being auctioned.

Contact Chris Bober at 402.312.5076 if you have more real estate auction questions.