Selling Your Home

As a listing agent I believe there are 3 main factors that must be controlled to successfully sell your home.



This is the absolutely most critical factor. A home that is price correctly for its condition given the current market conditions should sell in a reasonably quick time. I have built a custom pricing worksheet that takes into account recent sales, current active and pending listings, sale price vs appraised value, and off market properties. It is important these comparable properties be as similar in style, location, amenities, and terms. I also calculate above grade and below grade square footage separately as an appraiser would do. My Total Market Overview gives an accurate snapshot of the current market then I apply my experience to properly price your real estate.

Photo by choness/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by choness/iStock / Getty Images
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Photo by tumsasedgars/iStock / Getty Images


I do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to marketing my listings. The first step is to gather any and all pertinent data about the property so I can accurate and professionally market its attributes to the public. I use professional photography and staging so the property shows in its finest light. I take the time to fill in all search fields on the MLS and use every available resource to market the property to other Realtors. I believe in putting my client's property in front of as many people as possible on real estate sites such as Truilia,, Zillow and I take full advantage of Social Media to spread the word. I also use a Listing Booster to create easy to use QR codes and dedicated websites and text messaging so buyers can conveniently call from the yard sign.


The Agent

The Agent - The agent is the glue that holds everything together. I will help you thru the entire process from list to close. I have been schooled in negotiating at Harvard University and Kellogg School of Management and I have several years of experience to negotiate a fair price for your home. I have chosen to work primarily by referral allowing me to focus on the needs of my client and I value creating and maintaining lasting relationships. The relationship is more important that the transaction for me. My goal is to sell your property for the most amount of money in the least amount with the least amount of inconvenience to my clients. I have a completely honest and straightforward approach to serving my clients and managing your expectations because I want to be your real estate expert for life.


Blueprint for Selling Your Home

  • Comprehensive Total Market Overview
  • Property Enhancement Report
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • Honest Communication
  • Negotiating and Structuring the Sale
  • Comprehensive Transaction Management
  • Client Appreciation Program